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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fried California Roll

I'm thinking this isn't what you'd find at a place that fries California roll. I'm thinking they deep fry it, and I'm thinking they put it in a tempura batter or some other kind of batter first. But this is my house, so this is how I do it.

I like a basic roll, but I always have this problem - too much rice and not enough crab. I think I've eaten at those all-you-can-eat places too much where everything is covered in rice to look larger. Check on the image and you'll see it's the truth. No matter, I had one piece and enjoyed it.

Fried California Roll:

Sushi Rice (cooked rice, with some sugar and rice vinegar to taste)
Sushi seaweed (you can buy this at most markets)
cucumber, skinned and sliced thinly
avocado, sliced
imitation crab and some miracle whip, mix together

I found some nice shots of someone rolling sushi. You need a mat for this.

Heat 1/2" oil in a small pan to medium-high. Place your whole roll and fry, rolling every minute or so, until a nice browned crust appears to be forming. Remove and drain on a paper towel, then cut into slices and top with Sriracha.

You'll notice the drops of sauce on my serving plate - that's a bit of Oyster sauce with sugar and rice vinegar. Impromptu for the shot - it's a strong flavor, but goes well with it.


~ Brock

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