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Friday, December 23, 2011

My Flow

Well, 2011 has taken me by storm. I spent most of my food blogging time on Facebook, which was part experiment/part necessity. Either way, I've gleaned what I needed and will be back in action on here in 2012.

As far as cooking goes, 2011 was a string of happy meals. I challenged myself with new ingredients, new techniques and new equipment. I took the time to read about historical developments of various ingredients (use, growth, etc.) and techniques (sauce making, etc.). I tried to cook something amazing at least 2 times a week, and pretty much didn't cook the same thing twice all year.

I'm finishing the year with a bang. I cooked our annual cousin holiday dinner with a Chinese-Korean Fusion. Ten adults this year and no leftovers, which was nice. My friend helped prep and drink wine all day, including a 1996 Rosemount Shiraz - surprisingly solid.

The pork belly buns and the Kimchi Stew seemed to be the highlights, but Japanese mushroom dumplings, Kalbi, Tilapia steamed in parchment with ginger, lemongrass, and sake, and a citrus-cured Scallop on pickled cucumbers with minced red chili, and the arugula-pea tendril salad with Thai basil dressing were also hits.

So, to the one, two, or however many people who read this blog: Merry Christmas! I'll see you in 2012.